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Why You Should Never Buy More 2 Weeks Old Chicken To Start Farming.



why You Should Never Buy More 2 Weeks Old Chicken To Start Farming.

Every time when you are starting or planning to start farming, your main target is to succeed in that specific farming line.

To increase the chances of succeeding, you must plan well and you need to do a research on the type of farming you are interested in.

Chicken farming is a very nice farming idea if you follow all the instruction by doing everything that a chicken farmer is expected to do.

Chicken farming is good, but if you do it blindly, you will regret because Chickens are very delicate birds to keep.

I like giving out advises about farming out of my own experience in farming. Up to i am a chicken farmer and so i have confidence when discussing this.

For every farmer farmer out there who wants to start chicken farming, there are some mistakes you need to avoid at initial stage or at the begging of your chicken farming.

I always advises upcoming farmers to avoid buying more that two weeks old chickens to start chicken farming.

This is a major mistake that have made many farmers fail in this chicken projects, including me when i first started, but after reading a farm article, i realized where i went wrong and i restarted again.

When it comes to chicken farming, disease management is very important. This you can not skip, if you do, expect nothing but a lose.

The problem i have with more than two weeks old chicken chicks is that you are not sure whether they were given all the necessary medication and vaccination from day one.

Especially vaccination. The first vaccination that should be given to chicken chicks, is when they are 8 days old. And they miss this specific vaccine call gumboro, you chickens will attract many disease in future making them hard to servile for long.

Chickens also have their advisable feeding program. When they are young they need to feed on chicks start which contributes a lot to their immune system, if given the correct feeds. After that they will graduate to the next type of feeds, grower and later layers.

So if the chickens chicks from day one were given the required vaccination and the correct feeds, be assured that is a very good chicken to keep.

So the two above reasons, is enough for me to advise upcoming farmers to avoid starting chickens farming with chickens more than two weeks, especially if you are buying from a stranger or rather a farmer you do not know.

Remember that when someone is in business, he or she will never tell you the truth for the sake of him or her selling.

When i was buying my first chickens to start chicken farming, i asked the person who sold the chicken to me if the chickens were given all the required vaccination and feeds. Guess what he gave me fake vaccination program that did not even apply to the said chickens.

But, if you are buying from a farmer you know well, then proceed to buy the chickens.

If you trust your source, please do not buy hens more than one year old. Why? The best time hens can produce eggs well id between 6 months old to 1 year old.

From there they start reducing the number of eggs laying and when they are above 15 months old, expect two to three eggs per week. This is the time when they are sold for meat.

Therefore those are the basic thin gs you need to consider before starting chicken farming and trust me you will never regret.

Remember this apply to Kienyeji chickens, layers and cocks. Broilers is a very different case.

I am always happy to see comments from farmers telling me ‘Thank You, you saved me from a mistake’. in case of any further question concerning chicken farming feel free to contact me through contact on my contact page, and i will be happy to assist.


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