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Which Is Better For Farm Beginners? Poultry, Dairy Or Crop Farming.



Which is the best farming project for beginners?


Most of the people in Kenya and beyond are planning to join farming family for main source of income or side hustle. The main challenge to farm beginners or anybody out there who wants to start farming is deciding which type of farming to do.

Therefore here at, i decided to try my level best to assist those farm beginners to make the right decision before starting farming. I am going to discuss three types of farming which includes;

  • Poultry farming.
  • Dairy farming.
  • Crops farming.

I am going to discuss in details the cost of starting each of the farming projects mentioned above, management and market. And hope to solve farm beginners challenge.


Poultry farming – This is a form of farming farming which mainly deals with raising domesticated birds like,

  • Chickens
  • Turkeys,
  • Ducks,
  • Geese
  • Guinea fowls.

The main target of poultry farming is production of eggs and meat for food.

Dairy farming – This is a class of agriculture that mainly deals with keeping of;

  • Cows
  • Sheep
  • Goats

The main targeted product in dairy farming is milk.

Crop farming – A crop is a plant that can be grown. Crop farming is therefore production;

  • Food crops like wheat, rice, maize and millet.
  • cash crops like sugarcane,oil seeds and cotton.
  • horticulture crops like fruits and vegetables.
  • plantation crops like tea, coffee and coconut.

Which farming type is better for farm beginners.

I am a farmer and following my experience, i am going to discuss the cost of each among the above, management and market separately. At the end i believe each farm beginners is going to make the right decision on which type of farming to venture into.

1. Poultry Farming.

As i said above, poultry farming is keeping of domestic birds like chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese and guinea fowls.

We are going to discuss mainly chicken farming because it is very popular in Kenya. Most people in Kenya eat chicken meat and eggs. This is why i prefer chicken farming for farm beginners.

The other birds mentioned above are also good. It is only that most people especially in Kenya keep them for fun but not for commercial purposes. Therefore not advisable for farm beginners.Their eggs are also not eaten by many.

Their meat is mostly eaten but is is too expensive, especially turkey meat. For more information about turkey farming you can click here.

This is a mature male turkey in the room. If a young farmer got market for turkeys then hen this is a good poultry project.
Mature male turkey.

Chicken farming.

I suggest to any farm beginner out there that if you choose to do poultry farming, you better branch to chicken farming. This is because it is not expensive to start since you can easily find chicken chicks due to their popularity.

There is also huge market for chicken eggs and meat especially in kenya due to high demand.

When it comes to chicken farming, there are three major groups which includes;

  • Broilers
  • Layers
  • Kienyeji


Broiler chickens are mainly kept for meat production since they do not lay eggs. This chickens are available everywhere especially in Kenya.

With broilers you can make fast money since the minimum time you can keep them before they are ready for market is one month. I recommend this to farm beginners.

This are broiler chickens in their room. Young farmer can start and manage this project.
Two weeks broiler chicken.

Cost of starting broiler chicken farm.

With Ksh. 30,000, you can start broiler farming provided that you have your own space. If you will be renting a space you will have to dig deeper into your pocket.

The Ksh. 30,000, you will be able to buy 100 broiler chicks, their feeds and medication for the period of 30 days when they are ready for market.

Managing broiler chicken farm.

Broilers are very delicate chickens. They need close supervision. This chicken are active day and night and at this time you need to make sure that they have feeds and water.

So if you will be doing this as your main source of income, then you need to be close all the times. If for side hustle, then you need to make sure that someone is there to look after them.

Market for broiler meat.

There is high demand of broiler meat especially in Kenya. Your responsibility is to look for market. Once you get clients and supply them with clean and good chicken in terms of weight, they will be happy and they will always to your customers.

This are broiler chicken meat in supermarket. This proves that there is market for broiler farmers for farm beginners.
Broiler chicken meat in supermarket.

If you do broiler farming well, they will always reward you 75% of your total cost.

For more details about requirements to start broilers farming, you can click here. And for more details on the cost of keeping 100 broiler and possible profit you can click here.


As the name suggest, layer chickens are mainly kept for commercial egg production. Just like broilers, you can easily find them especially in Kenya.

Layer chicken start laying eggs when they are about 5 months to 6 months. This means with layers it will take you 6 months before you start making money out of it. The first 6 months you only be investing.

When they start laying, they will lays good number of eggs but as they get older, egg production will go down. This is also a good project for farm beginners.

Cost of starting layers chicken farm.

With Ksh. 30,000 you can start keeping 100 layer chickens. The first month will be a bit easy for you in terms of feeds because they eat less when they are still young.

As they grow they will eat more. They will eat few chick mash, a bit more grower mash and now when they start laying, they will eat more layer mash. You will not feel much on layers mush because at this time there will be icome from selling of eggs.

Managing layer chickens farm.

Managing layers is not that hard provided they have feeds and water. They are not delicate like broilers. They are less active at night, unlike the broilers.

If you have enough space you can make them free range and they will reduce the cost of feeds.

Market for layer chicken eggs.

There is high demand of eggs especially in Kenya. You will never miss clients like hotels and friends. The cost of a layer popularly grade eggs in Kenya is Ksh. 15 per egg.


Kienyeji Chicken is well known for both egg and meat production. They always start laying at the age of 5-6 months but they are always ready for meat at the age of 4 months.

Soon kienyeji egg and meat will take over egg and meat market due to the quality of both products. As a farm beginner, you can kept small number.

Cost of starting kenyeji chicken farm.

Provided that you have space you can start kienyeji farm with as low as Ksh. 5,000. You do not have to buy all the kienyeji chicks at once, just buy 10 good mature hens mothers and 3 cocks.

From there you can buy fertilized kienyeji eggs. When the hens wants to sleep give them the fertilized eggs and you can produce your chicks within the compound. Otherwise buying chicks will cost you more because one kienyeji chick goes for Ksh. 100.

Managing kienyeji chicken farm.

Managing this indigenous chickens is very easy unlike broilers and layers. They do not need to stay in the room 24/7. Your work will be easier if you make them free range after laying eggs.

Market for Kienyeji chicken eggs and Meat.

As i said earlier, many people are starting to realize that indigenous chicken egg and meat is more quality than the rest. Their eggs in the market in Kenya goes for Ksh. 20 and meat goes for more than Ksh 800 to 1,000.

2. Dairy Farming.

As i mentioned above, dairy farming is a class of agriculture that deals with keeping of cows, sheep and goat for milk production.

I am going to discuss on dairy cows since cow milk is more popular especially in Kenya than sheep and goat milk. A part from popularity, cows produce more milk than sheep and goat. As a farm beginner, this is a good project also if you have good finance.

This is a dairy cow feeding on natural grass. It produces good litres of milk per day. This can be a good project for farm beginners.
Dairy cow feeding.

Cost of starting dairy farm.

The cost of starting dairy farming for farm beginners is a bit expensive especially if you do not have your own land because they need a big space.

This dairy project works well in rural areas than in urban areas. You will need to have a garden to grow cow feed and space to build cow shelter.

If you have your own land, it will be cheaper for you because you will only need money to buy dairy cow.

A mature good dairy cow ready for milking will cost you a minimum of around Ksh. 100,000. This cow will produce average of 30 litres of milk per day if fed well.

Managing dairy farm.

Managing dairy cow is not hard provided that they have feeds and water. With dairy cow you will need to have a timetable on when to give them certain feeds and when to milk them.

Market for dairy products

With dairy farming, you will never go wrong. This is because they is a good market of milk out there.

Price of milk per litre depend on you location. The average price usually plays around Ksh. 40. This means that you will be making Ksh 1,200 per cow, per day.

3. Crop farming.

As i mention above, crop farming is basically growing plants like vegetables, fruits, coffee, maize e.t.c.

Growing of all the above plants requires a big farm. This project also favors those who have their own land.

Cost of starting crop farm.

The cost of crop planting project will be a bit expensive for beginners especially when you do not have your own land. If you own land, then it is easy for you because you will only need money to prepare farm and money to buy seeds and may be fertilizers depending on your location.

Preparing one acre will not cost you more than Ksh. 5,000. Seeds are cheap, with Ksh 2,000 you can buy seeds for one acre. Then money to pay workers and crop medication..

Managing crop farm.

Managing crop farming is not that easy. You will need to employ some people to assist you in the farm. you will also need to make sure that your farm is well fenced.

You always have to visit your farm to the on your crops if they are growing well and if they need medication.

Market for crop products.

There is huge market for any farm crop in Kenya and beyond. People eat daily making the demand so high. You can make money a bit earlier with vegetables than the other crops which may take a bit longer before they are ready for market.

Last advice.

Following the nature of the three types of farming we have discussed, i will suggest poultry farm beginners. I will father suggest that you branch to broilers farming because you will be able to make money faster. This will encourage never to give up.

Later on when you will be having experience and better financially, you can start venturing into the other types of farming.

Never limit yourself. If you have enough space, money and market for poultry, dairy and crops, do it all.

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