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The Cost Of Keeping 100 Broilers Chickens And Possible Profit.



This is a four weeks old broiler chicken ready for market.
4 weeks old broiler chickens.


After learning on our previous blog about the requirements you need in order to start broiler keeping and selling business, it is now time we need to know the cost of keeping a certain number of broiler chickens up to the time when they are ready for sell, and the possible profit you are likely to get as a farmer from this broiler project.

Number Of Broilers To Start With.

We are going to calculate the cost of keeping 100 broiler chickens from day one up to the lats day. I choose 100 broilers because it is always advisable to start with a small number that you can manage especially for those new farmers trying out this project for the first time.


The cost of keeping 100 broiler chickens up to their last day when they are ready for slaughtering is determined by the requirements that you need in the project. For more details on the requirements you need to start broilers business you can refer to our here.

Below are some of the requirements that you need for this project:

  1. Space
  2. Broiler chicks
  3. Sawdust
  4. Medication
  5. Feeds
  6. Feeders
  7. Water
  8. Drinkers
  9. Heat Source
  10. Source of light

I am going to exclude some of the requirements in our final cost of 100 broilers. This is because some of this requirements you do not need them always but only once. You buy them once and you can use in next rounds. For example:

  • Space.

Space is basically a room where you are going to keep your broilers. This room you will only construct it once when you are starting and you will use for the next groups of broiler chickens. This will favor the farmer who has his or her own space. For those hiring you will have to deep more into your pocket.

  • Feeders And Drinkers.

Feeders and drinkers you only buy once and if you keep them well, then you will use them for a long time.

  • Water.

For the who have their own space, you need to consider drilling bore hole. This is a good source of water. So you do not need to buy water.

  • Light And Heat Source.

If you have a plan of doing this project for long, then consider installing solar system ( solar and Battery) on the broilers room. This will save your money from buying power tokens every month.

You will also be able to supply heat to your broiler chickens from the solar system by using 100 watts light bulb.

  • Sawdust

Sawdust you can get them for free from timber dealers.

So the remaining requirements will cost you for every group of broiler chickens. Now lets look calculate hoe much each requirement will cost you for 100 broilers.

Broiler Chicks.

There are different companies around selling broiler chickens. There are two famous companies here in Kenya. Kenchic and Isinya. Out of the two i have my favorite company based on my experience.

The average price per broiler chick is always ksh 65. This mean that 100 broilers chicks will cost you ksh 6,500.

This are 100 day old broilers chicks in their brooder with water, feeds and heat source.
100 day old broiler chicks in a brooder.


There are two types of broilers feeds. Starters and Finishers. It is always recommended that one broiler consume 1 kg of starter feeds and 2 kg of broiler finishers.

This means that 100 broiler chickens will eat 100 kg of starter feeds and 200 kg of finisher feeds.

Average price of 50 kg of starter feeds is ksh 3,000 and average price of 50 kg of broiler finisher is ksh 2,800.

So starter feeds will cost you ksh 6,000 and finishers ksh 11,600.

Total cost for the feeds will be ksh 17,600.


For this case, medication means broiler supplements and vaccination. For the first day you need to give your day old broiler chicks supplement called chick start. This will cost you ksh 50.

Until your broilers are ready for slaughtering, you need to vaccinate them four times. Gumboro vaccine twice and Newcastle twice.

Gumboro 200 dose for 100 broilers will cost you ksh 300. The same will apply for Newcastle vaccine, ksh 300.

When your broilers will be having one week to go, you need to give them supplements called Broiler Boosters. This supplement help to boost broilers immunity to avoid dead hence a loss. 100 broilers needs 200 gms of broiler boosters which cost ksh 100.

So total cost of medication will be ksh 750.

Therefore the total cost from chicks, feeds and medication will be ksh 24,850.

Selling Price.

Here in Kenya the average price of a broiler chickens meat is ksh 400. This also depend on your customers. If you can get a good tender from a big restaurant or an hotel, then it will be good for you because the price will be higher.

If you you will be doing this broiler project for the first time then most of your customers will be either friend, neighbors etc. Therefore we will work on the price of ksh 400.

Normnaly when you buy 100 broiler chicks, the supplier is suppose to add you 2 more chicks. So you will expect 102 chicks.

So 100 broilers meat at a price of ksh 400 will give you ksh 41,200.

Possible Profit.

Therefore the amount of profit that you are going to get from your 100 broiler chickens after a period of 1 month is basically ksh 41,200 minus total expenditure of ksh 24,850 which comes to ksh 16,350.

Remember if you use the profit to add next number of broilers, the next amount of profit will be higher. The more the number of broilers, the more the amount of profit.


I want to advice all the farmers who are planning to try out this broilers project that to be on a saver side, make sure to look for market as early as possible. Do not wait until your chickens are ready because it might cost you negatively. It will be beautiful for you if you slaughter when you already have buyers.

As a farmer,in everything you to be it livestock farming or crops farming, at the end you need to make profit out of your handwork. This will enable you to grow as a farmer by expanding your farm project.

Last Advice

As a farmer, you should always be strong in a way that you do not have to lose hope when you make a loss once in certain project. Always be prepared for a profit or a lose.

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