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The Best Poultry Feeds Brands In Kenya.



Best poultry feeds brand in Kenya.


When it comes to poultry farming, choosing the best poultry feeds brand is very important. This is because feeding is the main activity for better results in term of production and poultry health. Therefore on this post we are going to discuss the best poultry feeds brands around following my experience.

Classification of poultry feeds.

Poultry feeds has been classified into various groups depending on the age and types of your poultry. Below are classes of poultry feeds;

  • Chicks mash
  • Grower mash
  • Layer mash
  • Starter crumbs
  • Finisher pellets
  • Kienyeji Mash

Chicks Mash.

This is a type of poultry feeds manufactured specifically for for poultry chicks. Chick mash is well balanced feeds in term of diet.

Any poultry chicks are supposed to be fed using this feeds from day 1 up to the time when they will be 8 weeks old.

Grower Mash.

Grower mash is a type of poultry feeds that should be given to poultry birds from week 8. This is the time that chicks mash will be withdrawn.

You are supposed to feeds your birds with grower mash up to the time when your female birds drops the first egg. First egg is normally seen when your birds are around 18 weeks old.

Layer Mash.

As the name suggest, layer mash is a type of poultry feeds that you are supposed to give to your birds the moment they start laying. This is because layer mash is manufactured to provide you birds with all the nutrients required during laying period.

Laying is the last stage of any bird laying bird. Therefore layers should be continuous up the the time when your birds will not be producing any more eggs and you sell them for meat.

Starter Crumbs.

Starter crumbs is a type of poultry feeds that is manufactured mainly for broiler chicks. This starter crumbs is manufactured to provide proper bone growth and to help in fast and uniform growth.

It is Advisable to feeds your broilers chicks with starter crumbs up to the time when they will be 3 weeks old. Broilers starter feeds should contain 20 to 23 percent protein.

Finisher Pellets.

Finisher pellets is a type of poultry feeds manufactured specifically for mature broiler chickens. Broiler finisher should contain 19 percent of protein.

Following my experience, i can advice any farmer to start feeding broiler chickens with finisher pellets when they are more than 3 weeks old.

For more information about broiler farming, click here.

Kienyeji Mash.

Kienyeji mash is a type of poultry feeds that most companies in Kenya manufacture specifically for indigenous birds. Most farmers this type of feeds to feed male birds especially chickens.

Factors to consider when choosing Poultry Feeds brand.

Below are some of the things you need to consider when deciding which poultry feeds brand you are going to use for your birds.

1. Quality.

In every product, quality is very important. Choosing high quality poultry feeds brand helps you as a farmer to increase farm production. The best poultry feeds should contain everything that your birds needs for better growth and production. So kindly to succeed in your poultry project, consider quality feeds.

2. Availability.

Another important factor is availability of that specific poultry feeds brand. Some poultry brand are not available country wide. So when choosing your poultry. feeds brand, consider the brand that are available in your area. Do not chose a brand that is far away from your farm because it will cost you more. This can possibly contribute to loses at the end.

3. Delivery.

Some of the poultry feeds brand does not offer delivery services. You should consider doing away with such brands because they will cost you more on transportation. Chose that company or supplier that can supply to your door step.

4. Cost.

Many people believe in the saying that ‘cheap is expensive’ but for me this saying does not apply in farming. Most of the poultry feeds brands does not sell quality. They only sell the brand name.

So farmers must be smart do not chose that famous brand but chose that brand with quality poultry feeds products.

Best poultry feeds brands in Kenya.

There are a lot of companies out that that are manufacturing poultry feeds and even feeds for other livestock. Based on my experience i am going to name best companies that manufacture best poultry feeds, base on the above mentioned factors.

1. Fugo Feeds.

Fugo is a good type of poultry feeds brand from Unga Farm Care EA Limited. This company is famous in Kenya because they produce quality animals feeds. They are not limited to poultry feeds only and this is what makes them more famous.

This brand is the best choice for those farmers who keep different domestic animals in their farms. They have poultry feeds, cow feeds, fish feeds, pig feeds e.t.c.

Why fugo?

Below are some of the reason why i like fugo feeds;

  • Quality: They manufacture high quality feeds.
  • Quantity: Unlike most of the brands, fugo sometimes promote their customers with 3 kilograms more per 50 kilograms bag. So you will have 53 kilograms for the price of 50 kilograms.
  • Availability: Fugo feeds are available countrywide. If you relocate you farm, you will still find them in your new location.

Remember that they have all the poultry feeds like broilers feeds, chick mash, Layer mash and grower mash. Their prices are also fair.

The only disadvantage for this brand is that unless you are buying more bags, they will not deliver to your farm. You will have to go to their suppliers near you.

2. Isinya Feeds.

This is another good brand of poultry feeds especially for those farmers who keep broiler chickens. This is because this company also do sell broiler chicks.

So if you are a broiler chickens farmer and you are buying your chicks from Isinya, consider using their feeds. This is because according to the company, they manufacture broilers feeds that do well with with broilers type. From my experience, Isinya broilers do well with isinya feeds.

When you buy feeds and chicks from them, they will give you their veterinary doctor contacts to assist you whenever you have any question concerning your birds.

Isinya feeds are also available in most parts of the country and their feeds are also quality. Their prices are also fair. They sell 50 kilograms of starter crumbs ksh 3,150 and ksh 3,000 for finisher pellets.

3. Faida Feeds.

This is also another good brand out there for poultry feeds. Faida feeds are from Mombasa Maize Miller Limited.

Their feeds are good both for broilers and other poultry birds. The reason as to why i chose this brand is because they deliver feeds to your door step even if you are buying 1 bag. They are also reliable since they operate every day except Sundays.

Faida feeds also pack their feeds from 20 kilograms bags which is good for small farmers who can not afford to buy 50 kilograms bag.

So the above three poultry feeds brands are my best based on my experience and nothing else. I can suggest to any farmer who does poultry farming to use them and you will never regret.

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