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Members of Gatuya Farmers’ Coffee Society Protest After They Were Ranked Third In the Country in Coffee Production



Members of Gatuya Farmers’ Coffee Society
Coffee farmers in Murarandia,Kiharu constituency Murang’a county today staged a protest over poor payment rates and embezzlement of funds by the management as well as mismanagement of their society.
The farmers were angry that their society was ranked the third in the country in coffee production and yet the farmers have not received any benefits from the government.
In the protest that lasted Four hours in Gatuya town, the growers wanted to know what the main issue was since they claimed that coffee has lost value over the last 5 years despite efforts by the government to revive the sector.
Members of Gatuya Farmers’ Coffee Society have denounced the Commissioner of Cooperatives for exonerating their leaders of mismanagement.
The farmers also pleaded with the government to intervene and ensure the farmers benefit from the 3 billion coffee Cherry fund which was meant to boost coffee farming ,as their cooperatives have failed in processing the payment.
Mwangi kiragu one of the farmers narrated to us how coffee was able to ensure quality education for their children and they were also able to establish and develop town centers in the  area which are still sources of employment .
The farmers became more angry when police disrupted their demo where the farmers claimed that the area Assistant County Commissioner together with the County Cooperatives Officer were behind their woes.
They called on the government to intervene and save the farmers from harassment by cooperatives officials.
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