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Ways You Can Use To Get Money To Start Farming.



Best ways you can use to get money to start farming/


There are a lot of people out there who wish to start farming. Out of then people i meet, 8 wish to start farming but their farming ideas is being delayed because they luck money to start.

Therefore here at i decided to share the possible ways one can use in order to start farming without having your own cash at that moment.

What you need to start farming.

To start farming, there are two things that you must have. This are;

  • Finance
  • Land or space depending on the kind of farming you want start.

If you do not have your own money or land. That does not mean it is impossible for you to implement your farming ideas. There are a lot of ways you can get land to start you farm and money to finance your farm project.

Out the two above, money comes first. before you think of a space, please think of where and how can get money.

Ways you can use to get money to start farming.

Below are some of the ways you can use to get money to finance your farm project;

1. share your ideas.

In farming and business world, there are two types of people. Those who have money but they do not have ideas. Then the second group have a lot of farming or business ideas but they do not have money to make it reality.

The above two groups can be partners. This can happen in a way that those who have good farming ideas but they do not have money can approach those with money but no farming ideas.

Make an appointment with them then present your idea to them.Be sure to have a farm idea that have almost zero chances of failing. again make sure to explain well about your idea for the to like. Demonstrate to them how the farm project will work and the possible profit that can be made from that specific project.

If you present your project well, probably someone will like. Now right down an agreement with him or her on how you are going to share the profit as partners. If possible at this point, do not be greedy, let the financier take higher share for him or her to like the project more.

After you have agreed on everything, then get the money you wanted and go start farming.

2. Borrow money.

Another best way you can use to get money to start your farm project is borrowing. You can borrow either from your friends or from one of your family members.

To increase the chances of getting money from this people, you need to be clear. Explain to them what you want to do with the money. Many people like lending money to those people who are going to use the money the correct way. This is because they will see the high chances of you refunding the money.

Also if you believe that your farm project is going to reward you well with good amount of profit, ask the person you are borrowing the money from that you are going to pay back with an interest.

Definitely they will give you because your project is clear and that they are going to get back the money with something on top. Just make sure to give them the correct date that you are going to refund the money following the nature of the farm project that you want to start. Make sure to pay the money on that date without delay. This will make them believe in you next time.

3. Take loan.

Many people do not like taking loans. The only advice i can give you as far as loan is concern is that, take the loan when you are sure with the farm project that your are going to start. If you are sure, then no need to fear.

Currently there are a lot of places you can get loan. starting from safaricom M-pesa through fuliza. There are also many genuine online platforms that can give you loan. Good examples includes branch loan and tala loan. For banks, equity banks have ezzy loans, you do not have to have loaded account to get ezzy loan. Just make sure you have an account that you have been using.

Just make sure that when you get loan from the above places, make sure to pay at the right time. This will help you increase your loan limits to expand your farm.

How to get farming space.

There are also many ways you can use to get a land or space to start your farming career. Below are some of the ways.

1. Rent.

Now that you have money to start farming but you do not have space or land to do farming, consider using some of your money to rent a space.

2. Request.

To save your money from renting a land or space, consider requesting for s space from your friends or even your family members like parents. Many people have idle land that is not in use.

Talk the that person nicely for you to give you that space to do your farming. Some people will give you because in one way, you will be taking care of their idle land and no need for them to employ caretaker.

3. Partner.

In a situation that you have money but you do not have a space to do your farming, consider talking to that person who have space or land. Ask him or her to be your farm partner. Let him or her provide land and you provide finance then share the profit from that project.

Last advice.

Now that you know ways you can use to get money start your farming, do not waste time. go out there apply the above ways and definitely you will get people to accept your ideas.

Make sure that you work hard to succeed in that farm project. Remember farming is nit for the lazy people, it is strictly for the hardworking people only.

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