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Challenges Farmers Must Be Prepared To Face In Farming.



Challenges Farmers Must Be Prepared To Face In Farming.

Many people especially in Kenya are starting to realize that there is money in farming. I have seen many people quit office jobs to start farming.

The good thing about farming is that, you are being your own boss. And if you do it well, you will make more money than you can make from white color jobs.

It should noted that even though farming is the best idea one can implement, it also comes with some challenges that are sometimes rare to escape.

To avoid shock from upcoming farmers, i thought from my own experience, i should share some challenges that every person out there starting or planning to get into farming, should be prepared to face.

Below are some of the challenges which farmers normally come across in their farming life.

1. Theft.

Theft is one of the main challenge farmers go through. Be it you are crops or livestock farmers, you will rarely escape this challenge.

I started farming with chickens, then i had 100 layer hens. Believe it or not, i woke up day in the morning only to find that 20 of my layer hens are missing.

The fanny thing is that i had locked the chicken house well and i had dogs in the compound. I could not believe that someone stole them because the chicken room was locked.

After reporting it to the nearest station, i found many other such cases from other farmers and the police have never manage to arrest the concern people.

I understand the thieves uses some extra ordinary forces that makes the dogs in the compound friendly and the chickens even can not make noise. And they have master keys that unlock every padlock.

2. Loss.

Being a farmer also you can not expect to sell all your farm products every time they are ready. Some market becomes tricky.

This normally happens when you are doing the same thing with farmers next to you. One day kit will happen that all you products are ready for market but you can not see because it exceed the market demand.

To avoid this challenge, it is always advisable to do research and try to be unique from the farmers around you. Again work on timing.

3. Deaths.

This challenge take me back to my chicken project. One day i bought broilers chicks from Kenchic. I could not understand what was happening. i could lost like 10 chicks per day.

Sometimes you can do everything required especially with poultry farming, but still you will your chickens dying.

Veterinary specialist claims that some birds immune system might be very weak from day one finding even hard to boost, hence chances of them dying is very high.

4. Diseases.

Diseases affect both crop farmers and and livestock farmers. Some diseases are very rarely to avoid because some are season and you can not predict.

Mostly livestock farmers suffer a lot from this challenge. A times a disease is reported in the country, affecting either chickens or even cows.

Some of this diseases are not familiar with farmers and by the time you take necessary action, you will have had problems already.

So those are some of the challenges farmers face. and therefore if you are planning to get into farming  be prepared to face the challenges. There are many challenges but i only picked four.

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