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Businesses Farmers Can Do Alongside Farming.



Businesses fit for farmers


I do advice farmers not limit themselves to one type of farming. If possible to venture into various types of farming, go for it. Do not limit yourself to only one source of income. There are a lot of businesses farmers can do.

Therefore, in this posts i saw a need to suggest various business activities that farmers can comfortably do alongside farming. Business is another good opportunity for farmers to get more income.

Factors farmer should consider before starting business

To succeed both in farming and business, there are some of the factors you need to consider. This factors will help you to decide the best business that can do well with you.

Below are some of the things a farmer should consider before starting a business.

1. Multi-tusk ability

Before you start thinking of starting a business as a farmer make sure that you are able to do both farming and business at the same time without the other affecting the other one negatively.

Again i suggest that you start your in a location which is not far from your farm. This will make it easy for you to access your farm and your business easily. This will also make it easy for you to transport your farm products to your business location if your farming and business deals with the same thing.

2. Type of farming.

To succeed in business as a farmer, it is advisable that you do a business that goes in line with the type of farming that you do. For example if you are are doing crop farming, opening a nice grocery business will do well for you.

It will look funny for you to start a business that deals with milk yet you are a broilers farmer. So the types of farming you do will determine what business to start.

3. Location.

Your geographical location also can determine that type of business a farmer can do. For example, did you know that in some parts of the country especially rural areas, people have negative mentality about broiler chicken meat?

So if you start a business that deals with broiler chicken meat in such areas, it will not do well. Most of the people in rural areas consider broiler chicken meat as immature following that broiler chicken are always ready for meat as early as 4 weeks.

Even though people in rural areas like indigenous chicken meat, doing indigenous meat business will not perform. This is because almost every house keep small number of indigenous chickens and they can easily pick one for slaughtering instead of buying.

4. Competition.

When it comes to starting a business, competition is a factor to consider. Business rarely do well in an area where almost everybody else is doing the same specific business.

So if possible consider starting a business with less competition to make it easy for to succeed. If most people are dealing groceries consider for example starting milk or egg selling business because most people who buy for example vegetables will probably need eggs or milk.

Another option for areas with high competition, consider shifting to a different location where you business will do well in line with your type of farming.

5. Demand.

I can advice any farmer out there to do a business dealing with selling of product that it’s demand is high. This will help you grow fast in that specific business.

So if there is high demand of eggs in the location where you want to start your business, please do not wait, start egg business without wasting time. This is a good opportunity for you because there will be less competition. When the demand is high, it means that less or no people are doing that business.

Businesses farmers can do.

As i said earlier, there are specific businesses farmers can comfortably without interfering with his or her farm project. There are some businesses that does not fit for farmers. For example, it will look awkward for a farmer to start a business of selling movies.

Therefore bellow are some of the businesses that fit for farmers.

1. Grocery shop.

This is a very good business that fit well for farmers. Especially those farmers who do crops farming. This is because it is in line with what you do in your farm and therefore you do not need to go around looking for products to sell since you have them in your farm.

At this point you will be playing two roles. Producer and retailer. So as farmer you will be able to know what you sell the most and therefore increase the production of that specific product.

2. Butchery

If you are a poultry farmer or you keep goats and even cows, butchery business is a good opportunity for you. This is because you will get all the meat for your butchery.

If you have interest in the butchery and you are a poultry farmer, consider increasing the production of broiler chickens. For more information about broiler farming, click here.

This are ready broiler chicken meat sold in a butchery. This is among the businesses farmers can do.
Broiler chicken meat sold in a butchery.

For goat and cow meat, make sure that you have enough stock. This will earn you a trust of being reliable to your clients. Sourcing business products from outside sources can be stressful sometimes in terms of reliability.

The good thing with butchery is that you can sell meat for various edible animals.If you keep turkeys, pigs for pork, you can expand your business.

3. Milk Depot.

This is a good business opportunity for dairy farmers. If you are producing enough milk in your farm, consider starting milk selling business.

If you are well enough in terms of finance, consider buying milk coolers and you can even start producing milk products like fermented milk,yogurt, milk ice creams and even cheese. For more information about dairy farming, click here.

4. Eggs Business.

If you are a poultry farmer and you are keeping layer chickens, you can start eggs selling business. Rent a shop next to your farm and stock eggs from your farm. There is high demand of eggs almost everywhere in the country.

Within your shop, you can also set a place where you can prepare boiled eggs for the clients who wants to eat them right there. Many people like boiled eggs and you will rarely go wrong with this business if you do it well.

5. Restaurant.

Farmers can run a restaurant business very comfortably. This is because most of the products consumed in a restaurant comes from farm. Be it vegetables, eggs, meat e.t.c.

This kind of a business that well with those farmers who do various types of farming within his or her farm. This is because you will be able to source all the products from your farm.

6. Transport Business.

Transport business is almost fit for every farmer out there. This is because every farmer at the end needs to transport farm products to the market. To start this business you need to buy a pickup, canter or even a lorry.

As farmer if you start this business you will be cutting the cost of transportation of your farm products. Remember that not all the farmers can afford to buy the above vehicles. This means that your fellow farmers will be haring from you hence more money coming in.

Last Advice.

To succeed in any business, make sure that do something that you have a good source of your business products. Never disappoint your customers, be reliable all the time. So above are some of the businesses farmers can do and make more money.

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